Consulting services

How we help organizations large and small

While Wolfram Consulting Group has delivered complete software solutions that power entire businesses, truly transformational changes often begin with rapid and explorative prototyping. We help clients with consulting projects of any size, from proof of concept to multiyear engagements. Our consultants, experts in a wide range of computational fields and in the most effective use of our own technology stack, work side by side with your domain experts solving your most demanding challenges.

Data and Computational Intelligence

As thought leaders in computation and its applications in business and engineering, we can help you capture and multiply the value of your data to transform your company.

  • Exploratory data analysis, making your data computable and turning it into insights that common business intelligence tools cannot provide
  • Descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics to optimize your business or engineering operations
  • Real-time data preparation, processing and fusion, with human intelligence in the loop or fully automated
  • Dynamic data visualization
  • Bespoke machine learning models to improve your products, services and processes
  • Dashboards and interactive reports, optimized for agile analytics and decision making
  • Machine learning and statistical inference models
  • Custom natural language interfaces using the full potential of LLM and Wolfram|Alpha technologies
  • Modeling of complex ecosystems, allowing the parallel simulation of thousands of scenarios

Algorithm Development

Across all sectors, Wolfram Consulting Group experts help you innovate with advanced software algorithms where no standard applications exist. Building on the broad foundation of Wolfram Language, with its more than 10,000 industrial-strength computational tools, we can deliver quick prototypes as well as production software supporting your product and systems development, or powering your business or technical operations.

  • Mathematical computation at the highest performance, precision and accuracy
  • Statistical and symbolic AI
  • Natural language processing (NLP), large language models (LLMs) and prompt engineering
  • Multiparadigm data science
  • Data visualization and presentation
  • Knowledge representation and retrieval
  • Processing of images, signals, sensor data, audio and video
  • Multivariate time series analysis and forecasting
  • Graph analysis and relationship data
  • Document creation and processing
  • General modeling and simulation for complex systems
  • Statistical, algorithmic and agent-based modeling
  • Discrete event simulation
  • Geospatial applications and high-precision geodetic computation
  • Operations research (OR)
  • Financial and quantitative analysis and pricing of complex contracts and instruments
  • Quantitative risk management
  • Optical engineering

AI Strategy and Prototyping

Wolfram Consulting Group can help your organization navigate the field of modern AI and develop a strategy that gives you a true competitive advantage in this quickly evolving landscape.

We have developed a comprehensive set of AI tools for the rapid development of LLM-based services, seamlessly integrating the computational power of Wolfram technologies, foundational and specialized language models from all major providers and your organization’s unique data assets.

Our consulting teams help you select the right LLM provider, work with your domain experts to create quick proof-of-concept applications and deliver production-grade LLM solutions deployed on premises or in the cloud.

Model-Based Design

We can help your organization to systematically use virtual models at the core of your R&D process to accelerate development cycles and to improve how you deliver complex designs.

Working side by side with our experts, you can rapidly evaluate and test new ideas with multidomain models and high-fidelity virtual prototypes while optimizing manual design workflows through automation.

Realizing the potential of model-based design at full scale, you can rely on our teams to create a digital twin of your ecosystem for simulation, integration, testing, monitoring and maintenance.

Wolfram|Alpha for Business

Our consultants have delivered a multitude of enterprise solutions based on Wolfram|Alpha technology, curating corporate data and making it computable alongside the extensive knowledge domains already built into Wolfram|Alpha.

Interfaces in common natural languages, augmented with LLM technologies, allow free-form queries that create business reports on the fly and make advanced analytics available to everyone inside your organization and enhance your company’s products.

Education Technology

Supporting more than 30,000 educational institutions worldwide, Wolfram has been delivering education technology for more than three decades. Our EdTech practice develops custom curricula, electronic publishing solutions, courseware, applications for learning engineering and automated AI-based tutoring systems using language model technologies.

Customization and Deployment of Wolfram Products

Our professional services organization helps you to get the most out of Wolfram products, configuring and customizing our technology to your needs, integration with your technical environment and deployment on premises or in the cloud.

We provide onboarding support and product training, online or at your location, tailored to your needs.

Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology

Across sectors, Wolfram Consulting helps integrate your application with distributed ledger technology providers to enable consistent access to public or private blockchains.

We can deliver tried-and-true tools and methods for modeling and testing crypto asset trading strategies and help you power smart contracts and Oracle services with computational knowledge at industrial scale.

Quantum Computation

Whether you work in finance, cybersecurity, energy, pharmaceuticals or materials, Wolfram Consulting can help you get ahead in the journey toward commercially viable applications of quantum computing, taking advantage of our in-house developed Wolfram Quantum Framework. The developers of this original tool suite work with your domain experts to model, visualize and simulate complex quantum circuits to explore real-world applications of quantum algorithms, connecting directly to available quantum platforms for experimental validation.