Creating a Financial Reporting System Based on Symbolic Computation

Langham Hall, a global professional services business in the fund management industry with assets of $130 billion, partnered with Wolfram Consulting Group to create a custom platform for its clients. The goal was to build a system with unparalleled personalization, accuracy and reliability without compromising speed or efficiency. This required an innovative approach from experts in data science and big data, which Wolfram, a leader in computational intelligence across industries, could provide.

The solution needed to pair Langham Hall’s human expertise with next-generation technology. Wolfram used the symbolic foundation of Wolfram Language to build an automated pipeline for data capture and report generation. This provided Langham Hall and its clients with high-level, actionable insights without the need for manual calculations. Symbolic representations of clients’ portfolios and investments were created, reducing errors associated with spreadsheets and databases. A business logic platform was also developed, enabling complex, customized computations on clients’ portfolios with minimal effort.

Wolfram also helped Langham Hall develop new technical skills in house, allowing it to adapt the system to its clients’ ongoing needs. The combination of symbolic data and business logic offers advanced reporting capabilities, enabling customers to adjust parameters, forecast data and accurately answer complex “what-if” scenarios in real time.

The Wolfram solution offers limitless customizability while improving accuracy, precision and reliability. It allows for client-specific customization to be applied across entire portfolios, avoiding errors and delays typical of generic, inflexible IT systems. Built-in automation ensures accuracy and reliability, and transparency is manifest in all calculations.

The partnership between Wolfram and Langham Hall continues to build a future-proof solution for fund administration. Langham Hall’s business expertise makes the new technology specific, relevant and trustworthy, ensuring clients can rely on their future data needs on the investment that Langham Hall is making with Wolfram.

“Wolfram allows us to collate, compute and update a truly comprehensive set of data points on our clients’ portfolios using a straight-through process without any unnecessary manual intervention. By combining this with our highly experienced client teams, we are able to provide an unrivaled level of reliability and insightful analysis: end-to-end, highly responsive, all in-house.” — Andrew Read, Partner and Head of Asia Langham Hall