Advanced Computation Meets Generative AI

Few recent technological innovations have generated as much enthusiasm as generative AI. Wolfram has been at the front of this profound transformation, as demonstrated with the integrations of its technology stack with new LLM-based offerings such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Microsoft’s Bing Chat and Google’s Bard. By combining Wolfram’s broadly recognized expertise in computation and computational knowledge with these leading generative AI platforms, we are giving an early glimpse of the expanding range of possible applications for your business and engineering challenges.

Early adopters of LLM technology now have a unique opportunity to realize tangible benefits by deploying generative AI through Wolfram’s advanced computational platform. Use natural language to create business reports on the fly, explore structured and unstructured information to gain new insights, build chatbots that incorporate your company’s internal knowledge or process massive amounts of textual information—there are countless possibilities, across industries and business areas, to boost operational efficiency or build entirely new customer experiences.

Innovative concepts for the application of generative AI are emerging weekly, if not daily. A complex value network of very large and many smaller players is rapidly growing, while open-source contributions are gaining traction and profitable business models are yet to be identified. It is a formidable challenge for every company to position itself in this moving ecosystem and decide how to best stay ahead of competition.

Wolfram Consulting Group can help your company navigate and explore this new field, matching your strategic business needs with the technological approach that fits best with your operating model, processes and knowledge assets. But our experts don’t only advise on technology strategy; they also deliver solutions. We identify the generative and analytical AI use cases that will create the highest value for your organization, quickly deploy a proof of concept and then deliver an effective solution that integrates well with your existing infrastructure.

By completing successful integration projects with major proponents of generative AI, Wolfram is steps ahead of the mainstream of technology adoption. With our deep technical and market experience, Wolfram Consulting Group can help you to take the right action at this decisive moment and secure a competitive advantage.